Turnkey Solutions

Our equipment saves you time and nerves

When developing and verifying test programs, we can draw on a wide range of our own test systems, covering the equipment spectrum of our customers.

For program development and debugging, we have the following in-house test systems at our disposal:

  • one TSLH121LX (up to 3840 pins).
  • two TSLH124 (up to 1280 pins)
  • one GR2287L (up to 7680 pins)
  • one Spectrum 8852 (up to 1280 pins)
  • a Cascon test system from Göpel
  • a Juliet test system from Göpel

Additionally we have contacting units for the common inline adapters of our customers in use.

All test programs are carefully debugged and tested on our own test systems before delivery to the customer.test systems and checked for compliance with our strict quality requirements.

The commissioning of the SW & HW at the customer's site is carried out extremely quickly so that a time-consuming and costly interruption of production is avoided.

We have been performing remote access installations for many years. Not only in times of pandemic an important advantage for us and our customers.

Project procedure

Our project workflows are standardized.

You submit a request to us

We evaluate the received data and make you an offer for hardware (adapter for your system) and software

If you agree, place the order with us and provide us with sample assemblies and further data

Hardware and software are created in parallel

After completion of the adapter, the commissioning of the test program takes place at our premises

With in-system programming you receive programmed sample assemblies for verification

Commissioning of adapter and test program on your system

Documentation (Test Coverage Report)

Test Coverage Report

This final report is used to document the test coverage. Here, our customers receive clear summaries at the assembly level, as well as a detailed listing for each individual component / measurement, which components can be tested or possibly not tested or only tested to a limited extent.

Furthermore, this report also gives information about the stability / reproducibility of the tests.