Our test-concepts in Munich

The topic of test concept requires great attention during the realization of projects. As a service provider, we support our customers and, on request, carry out a precise analysis of the available development data (circuit diagram, CAD data, test specification, etc.) = testability check.

The assembly is checked for optimum conditions with regard to mechanical and electrical testability. This enables us to set the course for the selection of the right test procedures (ICT/AST/BST/FCT) at an early stage. This is an important prerequisite for a high-quality, efficient and cost-effective test procedure.

Of course, we offer our customers support as early as the design and development phase. Especially with reduced space on the assembly, the targeted placement of test points has a significant influence on the achievable test coverage.

test-concepts | München


In addition to analog and digital in-circuit testing, we offer a range of other test technologies to achieve optimal test results:

Modern flat modules | München

Modern flat modules place high demands on manufacturing and quality testing:

  • more and more complex digital devices have to be tested
  • increasing miniaturization requires a reduction of the test point size on the PCB and leads to the fact that test points cannot be set for all circuit nodes.
  • reliable and fast in-system programming (ISP).

These conditions must be taken into account at an early stage when developing test strategies.